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Top tips for great skin…
Good skin is within everyone’s reach. If you can’t visit your professional as often as you like, follow some of our management team’s top tips.




Do you like to wash your face in a hot steaming shower?  Yes?  Take caution as the hot water on your face can lead to unwanted permanent red, blotchy cheeks and broken capillaries.

Tiny, delicate veins just under the skin are responsible for the blood circulation in the face. When the walls of these veins narrow and widen suddenly, dilation may occur. Telangiectasia (the official medical name) is permanent and can only be treated and removed by medical treatments like Laser Therapy.

Cleanse your skin twice a day prior to stepping into the shower.  Use lukewarm water and a soft cloth to remove excess cleanser.

Soothe your skin with a spray of the botanical enriched HydraVine™ Toner before stepping into that refreshing shower.Get your Cleanser, Toner or Eye Make-Up Remover here

Autumn is a beautiful time of year yet it can leave our skin devitalised.  Many clients experience skin imbalances like flakiness, dry patches and all sorts of other unsightly skin flare-ups. Here’s how I suggest you combat the Autumn-skin-blues:

•  Moisturise to aid skin elasticity and consider adding a serum to your regimen if you don’t already use one.


•  Continue to lather sun protection – less visible sun does not mean less skin damage.

•  Apply your Pinotage Face Oils generously to help to restore the lipid barrier of the skin. 
•  Opt to introduce a Mango Face Balm (a richer alternative to the Face Oil) as your skin will produce less oil due to lower temperatures.

We have made it even easier for you to find products that meet your needs by classifying them into
categories ranging from combination, oily or problematic skin to advanced anti-ageing and anything in-between.Find your product combination here

Adopting a healthy skin care routine from a young age is very important to maintain healthy, firm skin. As a result of sun exposure, pollution, environmental assaults and lifestyle habits, the first signs of ageing can appear from as early as your 20’s. So get started with a light textured anti-ageing product such as the Rejuvenating Night Harvest Night Cream or Nourishing and Firming Day Cream to assist in preventing premature ageingPrevention is better than cure!
Exercise every day, even if it involves walking the dogs or working in the garden.  Exercise helps to improve blood flow to the skin and its cells, which in turn provides essential oxygen, nutrients and vitamins to the skin. It also stimulates lymphatic circulation which, in combination with perspiration, assists in flushing impurities from your body and skin. 

With most things in life, balance is key to success. The same applies to your body and skin. If you want glowing skin for life, make sure you teach yourself good habits!

In this case,
consistency is your best friend. Find consistencies that you can maintain – it is for instance better to use an exfoliator and mask once a week (although twice weekly is recommended) 
for the rest of your life than doing it twice a week for 2 months and then giving up.

Although I have never supported short cuts when it comes to good skin care, here is where you can also ‘cheat’ a little if you have to and opt for our VitaVine™ Booster Mask which can be left on overnight twice weekly.




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